Last Bet Motel

Hello, and welcome to the Last Bet Motel! We are a Burning Man art project, debuting this year! Let us tell you what we are…

In Reno’s heart, a beacon of absurdity and low income housing shone at the corner of up-and-coming and pushed out. Reno’s weekly motels are not the “best” for decor, but the recently demolished Best Bet Motel provided shelter for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Torn down in the name of “Californian progress,” we erect a monument to the not-soon-forgotten “Don’t Be Crasy” sign which illuminated the motel parking lot.

We present the “Last Bet” Motel, complete with separated rooms and mannequin “guests.” Gleaming chrome mannequins encroach, fueled by the greed and capital of privilege, armed with demolition tools. Their threatening postures evoke fear and rage, as they plan to take the Motel for themselves and leave nothing for the folks that made it their home.

At our art support camp there will be a desk inviting participants to check in and be given a “room key”, which will invite participation on playa and in the city. Additionally, our camp will hold a donation bin for non-perishable foods, toiletries, and hygiene products to support the community in Reno experiencing homelessness. We are joining with the local non-profit Karma Box, and will be donating all the collected goods to them to redistribute to our neighbors in need.